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Hotel Pub Smits, for stillness and hospitality

Hotel Pub Smits is vested in a small village in the province Zeeland on the island Zuid –beveland. Wemeldinge is sometimes called The Pearl of the Oosterschelde, this name suits it well. The village is of old a trading and sailing village from which many characteristics are still in the landscape. Such as the historical Dorpstraat, the two beautiful mills, the many farms in the surrounding and the apple and pear orchards. Besides that Wemeldinge is also a tourist attraction for divers because of unique location on the Oosterschelde, nearby the most beautiful diving areas. The village also has a lovely marina. The village has been able to keep its lovely character. Although it is an excellent village to spend your holiday, Wemeldinge does not have a large number of tourists. It is situated on a beautiful location from which you can make excursions to Yerseke (5 km = 3 miles) which is famous for its musselfarming or you can go the historical city Goes (10 km = 6.3 miles). There are various possibilities to reach these places by bus or bicycle.

In short a village which you ought to visit.

Wilhelminastraat 90 Dot 4424 BD Wemeldinge Dot+31(0)113-621214